I'm budgeting a short film. At least two of our key crew are breastfeeding mums. Any advice or tips?

How do we make the shoot as viable as possible for mothers with babies, when our budget is tight to say the least?

Posted by alysiamac on the 15th Aug 2017.

Needless to say, our 'spare' budget is going to be tight to non-existent, but we're really keen to make this as viable a shoot for mothers with babies as possible. I've stretched the shoot out to 6 days, to avoid the risk of overrunning, the location will be "civilised" - a suburban house close to town for majority of the shoot so little travel and no overnights. 

I am keen to hear any advice from people who have organised or been on super-low budget shoots like this where a mother/baby friendly environment has worked well.


Saafoftheriver - I don't know if you're still looking for suggestions, but if so, a dedicated (private!) area for pumping breastmilk would probably be appreciated, and a fridge to keep it in, ready to be transported home. You probably already have an installed fridge if you're shooting in a house, but make sure owners are ok with breastmilk being kept in it if so - some people are a bit funny about it. Good luck with the shoot.