I believe the BVE production show should allow mothers with babies under 1 year old to attend.

Let's face it, it's not like we are going to swamp the show with babies. There's a very small proportion of women working in the technical fields of film and this could be partly because of these kind of exclusions. We need to address this imbalance.

Posted by MartaPretty on the 28th Feb 2017.

I'm an award winning documentary editor with 10 years experience in the industry.  I have two children but I intend to further my career and aim for great things.  

LauraGiles - Interesting thought. Did you have a particular issue there? Please do email us on info@raisingfilms.com if you have a specific story to share.


amym - They do even older children for free - just email the help desk/info link after you sign up. I asked them this year and they were super approachable and keen that this happen :)

LauraGiles - Thanks, Amy, useful info. Would still be helpful to have a creche for smaller kids so we will add that to our list of things to follow up on.


JessicaLevick - Do they actively exclude them?? How mad! Perhaps you could do a poll to see if anyone on here knows the people who organise it?