Do you need help returning to work?

Click this link to access the application form for the CTBF Family Support Fund:

Posted by CommunityAdmin on the 06th Feb 2017.

Are you a professional with a minimum two years’ experience (consecutive or non-consecutive) within the TV/film/cinema industry; do you work behind the camera in any role (production/writing/editing, etc); and do you have caring responsibilities for a child/children, and/or a dependent adult and/or an elderly relative? Do you struggle to cover the cost of alternative care which would allow you to comply with work demands, such as attending interviews, meetings and attend training or networking events? Do you have a household income less than £50,000 per annum and have no more than £10,000 in savings? If you answer ‘yes’ to all these questions, you qualify and can apply for support.

To complete an application form, please create a separate account with the CTBFwho are administering the fund by clicking the application link above. Do note that you will be expected to provide The CTBF with details of your household income and spending; and the quote/receipt/bill from the care providing company, plus their account details for payment.

mcconville - Hi – the CTBF link doesn't work, can anyone help? Thanks